November 3rd 2012

Woodfords Church, 202 Wooodford St. Portland, ME

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cranksgiving This Saturday!

Only a few days away from the first Cranksgiving!  Here is a little FAQ to know what to expect.

10:00am Registration at Allspeed with the race starting shortly after, 10:15 ish.  Shopping lists will be handed out when you register.

What is it going to cost?
  Whatever you spend on the items on the list.  When the course was test ridden I spent 15 dollars.  Remember, all the money you spend on items goes to Project FEED.

What do I bring?
  A bike obviously, a bag to carry the items in, money to buy the items, and a lock and helmet if you choose.

How do I collect all this?
  You will be given a list of 6 items that you must get at 6 specific stores.  You can choose how you get there, but you must buy the specific item at the specific store.

  There will be prizes for completing the race in First, Second and Third Place.  There will also be an award for Most Generous.  Don't get too excited, there isn't much, but some donations from local bike shops and some unique "medals".

What if it's cold?
  The forecast looks good, high of 50 degrees on Saturday, so dress appropriately, but should be a nice November day.

How far is it?
  The course depends on the route you choose.  During the test run it was 8 miles and took 80 minutes to complete.  If it's too far for you consider modifying the route and still donating. 

  The finish is at Woodfords Church where we will collect all the can goods, hang out and give away prizes.  We plan on being there until 1:00pm.   Allspeed Cyclery is hosting a BBQ after the race, so swing by there after and grab something to eat!

Thanks in advance to everyone that is planning on attending!  Feel free to e-mail me with any questions!

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