November 3rd 2012

Woodfords Church, 202 Wooodford St. Portland, ME

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mark your Calenders for the 2nd Annual Cranksgiving
November 19th 10am
What is Cranksgiving??

- It's a race ... of sorts. Each rider gets a list of items that must be purchased, each from a different store. You just can't get two from the same place. First one back wins.

After the race, when everything is tallied and totaled, all of the food purchased goes to Project F.E.E.D.

There's no entry fee -- you'll just pay for what you buy (15-20 bucks).

You're going to go ride anyway, right? Just pick up some food along the way and help us help a lot of people who don't have the luxury of jumping on a bike 'just for fun.'

Saturday November 19th
Registration 10:00AM
Race Start 10:30AM

Woodfords Church
202 Woodford St.

Participants will receive a manifest at the start of the race with grocery stores locations & a shopping list. Riders will go to grocery store checkpoints and buy non-perishable food items from the manifest. There is no registration fee, the $20 goes to purchase the items. All collected goods will be donated to Project F.E.E.D. at the end of the race. This is for a great cause and at the same time shines a positive spotlight on the local cycling community. You will be required to keep all receipts.
The race isn't long, just around town so speed is an obvious advantage but knowing your way around the city & the aisles of a supermarket can also help you significantly.

For those who prefer not to ride really fast it's okay. If speed is not your thing you can ride the event as a scavenger hunt instead of a race.  There will be a prize for the donation weighing the most brought by bicycle.  Dust off that bike trailer and load it up!

Can't race? Too Cold? Stop by and drop of some canned goods!