November 3rd 2012

Woodfords Church, 202 Wooodford St. Portland, ME

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cranksgiving Only One Week Away!!


Saturday November 3rd

9:30am  Woodfords Church
Everyone is talking about the big storm, but don't
forget Cranksgiving, this Saturday.
Bring all the canned goods you didn't use and
donate them to a good cause!!
The weather is looking dreary all week so you
can save your energy for Cranksgiving Saturday morning!
Allspeed Cyclery and Snow is donating prizes for
riders once again.  Thank you!
There will be prizes for First place and a new extra option to
the usual Cranksgiving route (a large bag or trailer may be helpful).
Specifics will be released on Saturday.
  There might be
more prizes to be raffled after the race to anyone that participated.



  The route this year has 8 stores on the manifest.  The shortest route via google maps is roughly 6 miles.  Remember, this is a charity race, if 6 miles is too much for you to ride, there are many stores in the vicinity, shorten the route and still donate!  You are always welcome to stop by and donate too without riding!
The event is rain or shine and it could be chilly.  We are holding it earlier in November this year in hopes of a warm day, but come prepared no matter what the weather.
Remember there is no cost to register.  Just the money you will spend on the items on the manifest.  Just make sure to bring your bike, a bag, money for the items and helmet.
We will be starting registration at 9:30 and start the race a short time after.
Prizes will be awarded and raffled at 11:15 to give everyone a chance to complete the course.
Spread the word and help people in need as the holidays approach.  We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!!



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